Natural tissue fillers

Endoret Gel

ENDORET GEL is a new product from the Biotechnology Institute (BTI, Spain) in the field of beauty medicine. Due to scientific research and practical tests the natural tissue filler was created based on an individual’s own plasma.


ENDORET GEL is enriched in growth factors, which accelerate the process of regeneration and tissue repair, stimulate the production of own collagen, elastin and hialuronic acid.


The new filler ENDORET GEL is used for the prolonged rejuvenation of the face and neck, filling the defects and wrinkles. The permanent process of tissue biostimulation lasts for two weeks after the procedure and helps the skin to regenerate and rejuvenate in the most natural way.


ENDORET GEL is different from other fillers and has no chemical products; it is based only on the plasma of the patient. This is an advantage of the product – effectively regenerate tissues without side effects using of the organisms’ own resources. It fills wrinkles and adds the volume of tissue defects damaged by age. ENDORET GEL is not only a wrinkle filling procedure, but also a facial remodeling process.


The gel influences the origin of the aging process, slowing the aging at the rate of cells and has a strong rejuvenation effect. ENDORET GEL effectively and in subtle ways fills the wrinkles around the eyes, nasolabial wrinkles, and vertical wrinkles of the upper lip giving the look of healthy and wet lips.

If the person has deep wrinkles on the lips or small wrinkles around the eyes, has dry skin and feels the loss of skin elasticity ENDORET GEL helps to dispose of these aging skin changes. Excellent results can also be achieved by filling the neck wrinkles which are very complicated to correct.


There are no restrictions of the age and season. The gel is produced from the person’s blood in only 5-12 minutes. ENDORET GEL is injected to the sites of the most damaged tissues. The procedure lasts 40-60 minutes. After the procedure only minimal changes are visible: slight redness or itching.

It is recommended to repeat the procedure every 4-6 months.




– Autoimmune diseases


– The use of some medications


Who performs it?

G.Pošiūnas, N.Jarušina, I.Šaferienė, M.Kaupienė