Doctors and Specialists

Gintas Pošiūnas
Medical director, performing more than 800 laser operations and procedures each year.

Founder of CSC Pošiūno klinika. More than 20 years of experience in laser surgery and aesthetic laser medicine.

Juozas Ravinskas
Doctor of plastic -reconstructive surgery. Member of lithuanian asossiation of hand surgeons

Member of the Lithuanian Society of Hand Surgeons, 15 years of work experience.

Dainius Geležauskas

More than 25 years of experience in the fields of traumatology, burns, scars and skin transplantation.

Olga Zimanaitė

More than 35 years of experience in pediatrics.

Milda Kaupienė
Pediatric surgeon, doctor-resident of dermatovenerology

More than 10 years experience. Member of Lithuanian association of laser medicine

Birutė Vaišnytė
Doctor of medical sciences

The most experience in the treatment of connected vascular anomalies in Lithuania

Indrė Šaferienė

More than 10 years practise in the field of aestethic dermatology treatment and diagnosis of skin disorders

Violeta Radžiūnienė
Pediatrician, pediatric pulmonologist.

Over 20 years of experience in pediatric pulmonology. Over 30 years of experience in pediatrics.

Danutė Vainilovič
General practice nurse and healthy lifestyle educator

Experience: more than 15 years in general practice nursing at Santaros Clinics and over 5 years in aesthetic medicine and beauty.

Lina Martinėlė
Dermatologist – doctor resident

Experience: over 4 years at Vilniaus University hospital Santaros clinics, Dermatovenerology center.

Simona Lavinskienė
General practice nurse, certified plasma therapy specialist

Over 15 years of experience in general practice nursing at Santaros Clinics and in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Natalija Slapšinskienė
General practice nurse - specialist of aesthetics and beauty

Over 18 years of practice in general nursing at Santaros Clinics, over 5 years of practice in the field of beauty and aesthetic medicine.

Lali Tabero
Clinic administrator

Over 9 years of practice in the field of beauty therapy. Lali is fluent in Lithuanian, English, Polish, Russian as well as her native language of Giorgia.

Jurga Stephenson
Therapeutic nutrition specialist

Experience at Nutritional Therapy: over 3 years. More than 20 years at pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.

Jūratė Garbaravičienė
MD, PhD in dermatology

Work experience: 15 years.

Kęstutis Barštys
General surgeon, oncologist

More than 25 years of experience in surgery, skin surgery, laser surgery.

Nastasija Savickaja
Doctor dermatovenerologist

Work experience more than 5 years.

Rytis Rimdeika
Plastic surgeon

Consults patients, performs plastic reconstructive surgery, laser surgery and other procedures.

Benediktas Jonuška
Pediatric surgeon

Member of Lithuanian Association of Pediatric Surgeons